Monday, 16 April 2012

The low FODMAP cookbook!

Hey all! Long time no post, apologies for the hiatus all. Illness decided to strike my household and it was like man flu BUT WORSE. 

But now I'm back, and I'm back WITH A BOOK!

Not my own sadly but little Ms Natalie Nott's!
(But oh hiii publishers! I'm keen if you are!)

This is the holy grail for all on a restrictive diet: a recipe book tailored to your requirements! And this one really ticks all the boxes. 

Fantastically laid out, big pictures and easy to follow YUMMY recipes! 
And it's thorough too. All the recipes are reviewed by the Dietitian Dr. Jane Muir of the Eastern Health Clinical School at Monash University. 

Now you experienced low FODMAP-ers may be thinking: 
"...Isn't that the University that developed the low FODMAP diet?" 

Sure is clever clogs!!! 
You don't really get a better stamp of approval than that for a low FODMAP cookbook now do you?

The only downside to the book in my opinion is that it's Australian. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Australians. After all they are the Kings of the BBQ, the home to cute kangaroos and remain the travel destination of choice for my adventurousness Uni pals... 

 Two snaps from where one of my best pals is RIGHT NOW: 
Margaret River, Western Australia. 
Photographs used with the permission of Chloe Evans.

But cookbook wise there are some ingredients us Brits don't have immediately to hand. But this really is a minor niggle, and the ingredients or alternatives can easily be sourced. But this does also mean the book comes with a hefty postage price tag ($35.75 AUD when I ordered mine).

However in my opinion it's worth it. I've become quite the dab hand at automatically adjusting recipes to fit my low FODMAP diet. But sometime's its quite nice to not have to put so much brain power into cooking and just follow along. But if the price tag is off putting (£46.39 GBP total), but you're still interested, Natalie Nott has a fantastic website, which you can 'subscribe' to and receive free updates which hold recipes! What a lovely lady.

So step aside Jamie, Nigella and Delia, there's a new kid in town!




p.s. Have you bought the book? What's your favourite recipe? Take a peak at page.50 for the meatloaf. My new favourite dinner for sure!

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  1. I loved this read' I found it; amusing and informative. Reading doesn't have to be boring; all of the time. I Thank you. Now time to check out what else you have.


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